Piccolo Farms is proud of our CBD flower selections and other fine hemp goods that you will find listed below. Through hard work, honest farm practices, and prime genetics, our flowers and related products are made with the exact high end standards you and your customers have come to expect. Here you have found the best products, grown organically with passion and respect for the plants. We thank you for choosing Piccolo Farms and we look forward to serving your CBD and hemp needs.

Vermont Organic Farmers Certification Seal

Piccolo Farms is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers Certification.

Smokable CBD


Our organic Suver Haze flower will leave a pleasant and lasting impression with every use. Often said to have hints of black pepper, citrus, and a mild finish, our Suver Haze makes for a very enjoyable and effective experience, thanks to the quality, high percentage of CBD, and terpene profile (β-Myrcene, Farnesene, β-Caryophyllene) of this cultivar, combined with our strict and effective curing processes, the flavor of our smokeable flower is without a doubt one of a kind.

Extractable CBD


Piccolo Farms takes great care in providing a clean, high yielding flower that will leave the most seasoned of extractors smiling. Our organic extractable Suver Haze flower is perfect for the CBD extractor who is in need of the absolute BEST extractable flower. With high CBD content and fully trimmed flower mass, you will find all flower and no filler, so you get exactly what you paid for every time.

CBD Bio-mass


We take great pride in maintaining the integrity of our biomass, keeping it fresh and properly stored at all times so you are assured the absolute best. If you are looking to extract at a lower cost without sacrificing any of the quality or standards, our organic biomass is exactly what you need. Perfect for both the extractors of any level, our CBD-rich biomass will satisfy the highest of standards.

Hemp Root

Hemp Root

Hemp roots are rich in triterpenoids and can be used in various applications, including as a natural topical salve or for hemp root tea. Often praised for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Piccolo Farms - Organic CBD - Suver Haze

About us

Piccolo Farms is a certified organic farm based in northern Vermont. Our operation is family run and family worked, meaning we have dedicated ourselves 24/7 to an farm that produces hemp of the highest quality and standards. We feel that if you are going to put your name on a product, then that product should be the absolute BEST you can possibly make it. At Piccolo Farms, we have made every possible effort to ensure a desirable product you can count on every time. In other words, if you want the best, you have found it here.

Our Work

Our quality flowers and products start with superior genetics that are hand picked by our team and purchased through the most reputable dispensaries in the country. We spend all season dedicating ourselves to ensure a healthy, all natural cycle for each and every one of our gorgeous and quality plants. Piccolo Farms is an entirely organic farm and operation, currently certified organic through NOFA Vermont. This means that we use the very best in all natural nutrients, soil, and irrigation available to us. We PROUDLY have a strict “no pesticides” policy and practice honest standards of farming. This of course ensures 100% care is given at all times, from seed to finished product. So, whether it is our smooth and effective smokeable flower, CBD-rich extractable flower, or any of our other fine products, we ALWAYS work carefully to manually ensure our customers receive pristine products. We seek to have every experience you have with Piccolo Farms to be one that earns your respect and continued business.

For the 2019 season, Piccolo Farms grew a cultivar known as “Suver Haze.” We decided on this particular strain as it carries a wonderful CBD percentage, maintains low THC percentage, and boasts a fantastic terpene profile that equates into a wonderful and trustworthy cultivar that you can depend on.


Available for wholesalers, extractors, and dispensaries

All CBD certified organic

  • King Colas

    Complete CBD Crown
    $300 / per lb
    • Individually Weighed
    • Individually Cured with Citrus
    • Monthly Orders Available
    Contact to Order
  • Flower

    $300 / per lb
    • Hydration Maintained for Freshness
    • Cured with Citrus
    • Monthly Orders Available
    Contact to Order
  • Biomass

    Extractable CBD Oil
    $1.67 / per pt
    • 16% CBD
    • 200+ lbs Available

    • Monthly Orders Available
    Contact to Order
  • Cannabis Root

    Chopped or Whole
    $30 / per lb
    • $25 / lb
      5-10 lbs
    • $20 / lb
      10-20 lbs
    • Monthly Orders Available
    Contact to Order


We feel that seeing is believing. Here at Piccolo Farms it is our duty to earn your respect and trust through outstanding customer service and unmatched quality. Below, you will find important information about our company and practices. Please take a moment to review everything provided, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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Diagnostics Report

~16% Total CBD

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Organic Certification

Vermont Organic Farmers Certificate

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Soil Testing

Agricultural & Environmental Testing Laboratory and UVM Extension

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Growing License

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food ↦ Markets

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